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  CFHI Announces Leadership Transition 2012-04-25

Steven Schmidbauer, Executive Director of Child Family Health International (CFHI), announced that he will be leaving his position effective May 15, 2012.  Mr. Schmidbauer has led the twenty year old organization known for its international Global Health Education Programs since 2004.  “Steve has given so much to CFHI over the years. He has increased our brand identity and CFHI’s reputation for quality, and he obtained our special status as an NGO with the United Nations,” said Dr. Evaleen Jones, CFHI’s Founder and President.

Mirriam Rafiq Braden, MPH has been identified as the new Executive Director.  Ms. Rafiq Braden has ten years of experience in project and program management.  A succession plan is in place and Mr. Schmidbauer and Ms. Braden will work together to create a smooth transition. Read more below.

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  CFHI's 20th Anniversary Celebration 2012-04-19
  2012 marks the 20th Anniversary of CFHI' s transformative Global Health Education Programs and Community Empowerment!

CFHI will be hosting a 20th Anniversary Celebration on September 30th, 2012. Please save the date!

Learn more about CFHI and our 20th Anniversary.

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  World AIDS Day 2011 2011-12-01

December 1, 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day.  This year’s theme is "Getting to Zero:" Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination and Zero AIDS Related Deaths.  There are been many accomplishments in the fight against AIDS but the work isn't over yet.  According to the World Health Organization, approximately 34 million people are living with HIV worldwide.  Roughly 60% of all cases are in Southern Africa.  Today, the film Inside Story: the Science of HIV/AIDS will be premiering across South Africa.  Visit our blog to learn more about the film and World AIDS Day 2011.             

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  CFHI Listed as Trusted Charity in USA TODAY 2011-11-28
  On November 28, 2011 there was a Special Section in the national newspaper USA TODAY called Sharing in the USA.  Included in this section was a list of around 300 national charities that have earned the Seal of the Better Business Bureau as an Accredited Charity.  This is the fifth consecutive time that CFHI has made the list.  We are incredibly proud of our Board of Directors and Staff for their hard work and dedication to the highest standards of nonprofit management.       
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  CFHI’s Model for Global Health Electives Included in Oxford University Press Publication 2011-11-22
  The recently published Oxford Handwork on Neuroethics includes a chapter on Global Health Ethics emphasizing the relevance of biomedical, clinical and public health ethics within the global medical and academic communityAmong the chapter's authors are CFHI's Evaleen Jones M.D., Jessica Evert M.D., Scott Loeliger M.D., and Steven Schmidbauer who discuss the importance of establishing and sustaining an ethical framework for educational global health programs.  We feel very honored to be recognized by Oxford University Press and incredibly grateful to the entire CFHI global family.
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  Today is World Food Day -Read the Blog Post 2011-10-16
  Today is World Food Day. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has issued a report that should be on the ‘must read’ list of anyone interested in global health. There is some good news but also some disturbing news that should act as a wakeup call for the world community. Staple food prices are at or near all time highs. One of the most alarming facts in the report entitled Food Prices From Crisis to Stability is that just since last year the increases in the cost of basic food has, “pushed nearly 70 million people into extreme poverty.” ...More on the Blog
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  Empowerment Means Having a Voice 2011-09-28
  For many years, CFHI has been working in rural villages in the foothills of the Himalayas in India. CFHI's Executive Director shares his recent visit to meet with women who have been trained as Health Promoters for their villages. Read about the impact not only on the communities but also on the women themselves. Follow the link to the Blog.
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  A Visit with The Father of Palliative Care in India 2011-09-15
  CFHI Executive Director posts to the Blog after his visit to Pallium India. He was deeply impacted by his time spent with Dr. Rajagopal. CFHI and Pallium India are working together to create a new Global Health Immerision Porgram in Palliative Care to begin in early 2012. See more on the Blog.
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  CFHI Introduces Intensive Beginner Spanish Program in Mexico 2011-07-20
  CFHI’s Intensive Beginner Spanish & Healthcare program in Mexico is designed for those with little to no knowledge of the Spanish language, and who wish to increase their cultural and linguistic competency as well as their understanding of health care delivery in a low-resource setting. Participants will be exposed to the local public health care system while gaining an understanding of the social and economic factors that impact the health of the local population.
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  CFHI Medical Director Writes Blog Post on Competency-Based Education and Global Health Education 2011-06-01
  CFHI is leading the way in embracing competency-based education (CBE) in the global health sphere. Our partners in Bolivia, lead by Dra. Cecilia Uribe, CFHI Medical Director in La Paz and Dr. Velasco, a model preceptor, are developing locally-relevant competency-based curriculum for CFHI participants. This local CBE will augment existing competency-based objectives in the areas of professionalism and Emotional Intelligence pioneered by CFHI. Check out the Blog post by clicking on the link
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  CFHI listed as trusted charity in USA Today 2011-05-10

On May 10, 2011 the national newspaper USA Today featured a full-page section titled "Give With Confidence" listing the charities in the United States that meet BBB Wise Giving Alliance accreditation standards.  These rigorous standards cover areas such as charity governance, finances, donor privacy, and fundraising.  This is the fourth consecutive time that CFHI has made the list.  We have worked hard to meet and maintain BBB standards and wish to congratulate all the members of the CFHI global family for this achievement.

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  Celebrate 50 Years of Peace Corps --Sign the Service World Declaration 2011-02-25
  CFHI is happy to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the start of the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961. As a member organization of the Building Bridges Coalition and the International Volunteer Programs Association, CFHI joins with other member organizations in issuing the following letter inviting you to sign the Service World Declaration. Please follow the link to the CFHI Blog for the full story.

Source: GlobalHealth Immersion Programs.org
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  CFHI alumna Fatima I. Sabar awarded a 2011 Rhodes Scholarship 2010-11-23
  Stanford student and CFHI alumna Fatima I. Sabar will begin graduate studies this fall as a Rhodes Scholar.  Sabar participapted in CFHI's Community Health in Oaxaca program in July of 2010.  She plans to pursue a master of science in global health at Oxford.      

Source: Stanford Report
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  CFHI Forum at United Nations "A great Success" 2010-09-24
  The Forum on the Empowerment of Women that CFHI convened at the United Nations on September 15, 2010 was reported to be a "great success" by the International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA), in a press release.

CFHI is very happy to receive this recognition and we hope that the progress toward gender equality is furthered by these events.

Source: PR.com
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  CFHI Alum: "It Made Me Want To Be A Doctor A Lot More..." 2010-09-10
  These are the words of CFHI Alum Christina O'Neal as reported in the Contra Costa Times by Correspondent Doug Mead.

Christina was interviewed about her experience as part of the CFHI Cultural Crossroads in Health Program in Oaxaca City in the Mexican State of Oaxaca.

Christina reported that her experience as part of this CFHI program was "pretty life-changing" and that her Spanish and Medcial Spanish improved to the point of being "borderline fluent."

Read more about Christina's experience by foloowing the link below.

Source: Contra Costa Times
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  CFHI Board Member Appointed by White House to Bi-National Board 2010-08-26
  The Chair of the Board of Directors of Child Family Health International (CFHI), Mr. Gunjan Sinha, was appointed this summer to the US Endowment Board on Science andTechnology during the US-India joint commission meeting of the White House Office of Science and Technology.

The Volunteer Board of Directors of CFHI functions far from the limelight but plays an essential role in the success of CFHI. We congratulate Gunjan on this accomplishment. Gunjan’s expertise as an entrepreneur has been indispensible to CFHI over the years, and we are sure he will be viewed the same way in his new role.

Source: WhiteHouse.gov
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  CFHI Convenes Forum on the Empowerment of Women 2010-08-21
  CFHI is proud to convene a Forum on the Empowerment of Women to be held at the United Nations Church Center on September 15, 2010, in conjunction with the opening of the 65th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Forum, entitled Successes and Challenges of Women in Leadership Roles in Traditionally Male-Dominated Environments, is an effort to shed light on the global effort to achieve Millennium Development Goal Number Three.

Source:United Nations Civil Society Network
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  CFHI Students Make Local Press in Ecuador 2010-08-19
  CFHI students made the local press in Ecuador this summer. La Prensa, a local publication in the town of Puyo in the Pastaza Province of Southern Ecuador, carried a full page story of CFHI Students on the Amazon Indigenous Health Program, one of CFHI’s Global Health Immersion Programs.

Read more about it on the CFHI Blog.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  CFHI Supports Service World Initiative 2010-07-15
  CFHI is part of a broader coalition of over 300 NGOs, universities, and other organizations supporting the Service World Initiative –an effort to increase international volunteering on all levels. The fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Peace Corps will be celebrated beginning in October of 2010, commemorating the speech by then candidate John F. Kennedy at the University of Michigan that inspired the eventual establishment of the Peace Corps. Service World is an attempt to make the dream of President Kennedy –of having 100,000 people volunteering abroad every year- into a reality. Read more about it on the CFHI Blog.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  Global Health Down Under -A Student Conference 2010-07-03
  CFHI is, once again, proud to be a sponsor of the Australian Medical Students’ Association’s Global Health Conference. This year the conference July 1-4, is taking place in Hobart Tasmania. CFHI Executive Director, Steve Schmidbauer addressed the delegates on the evening of the first full day of the conference. Samantha Mulholland, a CFHI Alum from Perth is also joining Steve at the CFHI table to deal with questions from prospective students.

Check out the Blog post on this important conference.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  CFHI Listed as Trusted Charity in National Press 2010-04-17
  The Editors of the national newspaper, USA TODAY added a special section to the paper on April 13, 2010, devoted to how people can help and give to others in need. One full page of the section contained a list of the only charities in the United States that meet the highest requirements of the Better Business Bureau of Nonprofits. CFHI is very happy and proud, once again, to make this list. This is the third consecutive time that CFHI has made the list and we extend congratulations to all the members of the CFHI global family for this important achievement.

Under the banner headline "Start With Trust" came the list of Seal Holders of the Wise Giving Alliance, a group of nonprofit organizations in the United States that meet all 20 of the best practice standards set by the Better Business Bureau for nonprofits. These are rigorous standards that cover areas like governance, effectiveness, finances, and fund-raising. CFHI has worked very hard to meet and maintain these standards.

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  CFHI Medical Director Receives Award at Global Health Conference in Mexico 2010-04-13
  CFHI Medical Director, Jessica Evert, MD, received , the Christopher Krogh Award at the GHEC - INSP Global Health Conference April 11, 2010.

The award, honoring the memory of Dr. Krogh, a founding member of GHEC, who died in 1994 in a plane crash while traveling as a physician for the Indian Heath Service, is given to an individual who shows dedication to serving the undersered both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Evert has worked in various places around the world, and also works on a daily basis treating patients in several underserved communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to becoming the organization’s global Medical Director, she volunteered with CFHI for several years so we are well aware of her many talents and her great dedication. CFHI extends a hearty congratulations to our new Medical Director as she receives this distinguished honor!

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  South - South Collaborations the 2010 GHEC - INSP Global Health Conferece in Mexico 2010-04-11
  The Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC) based in San Francisco, USA, partnered with the Instituto National de Salud Publica (INSP) based on Cuernavaca, Mexico, to put on a major Global Health Conference April 9-11, 2010. The conference, Alliances for Global Health Education: Learning from South-South Collaboration, was an outstanding success attended by some 500 people from 27 countries. CFHI was an active participant.

Check out the Blog posts from Cuernavaca, by CFHI Executive Director, Steve Schmidbauer on the CFHI Blog by following the link below.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  Report From the Student National Medical Association Annual Conference in Chicago 2010-04-01
  CFHI's Executive Director writes in the CFHI Blog from the medical education convention of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) in Chicago. Well over 2,500 medical and pre-medical students have gathered from around the country for this annual event.

Check out his posts on the CFHI Blog -GlobalHealthImmersionPorgrams.org.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  A Dental Program for International Students 2010-03-31
  CFHI begins a Global Health Dental Rotation in Quito, Ecuador. Read about it in the Blog by clicking the link to the right.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  Report From Oregon Convention of Student Nurses 2010-03-07
  Read the Blog post from the convention of the Oregon Student Nurses' Association yesterday in Portland.

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  Blog Post Highlights Empathy Training 2010-02-28
  New Blog Post at GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org, the official CFHI Blog, about the upcoming Empathic Listening Training.

Empathy is an important skill for communicating with others and a useful tool for self-care.

The training consists of two call-in sessions and resistration is free. The sessions will be held on March 22nd and 29th. Registrations are still being accepted. More information and links on the Blog.

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  CFHI Partners with the Center for Nonviolent Communication on Empathy Training for Health Students 2010-02-23
  CFHI has partnered with the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) to provide a FREE 2-session telephone training for past, present, and future CFHI participants. This project is a chance to participate in a cutting edge effort to raise the professionalism and humanism of the healthcare workforce through effective, compassionate communication strategies. This training is designed to specifically target the needs of medical and health professionals.

Please follow the link to the right for more information about this leading edge training addressing communication skills for medical and health students.

Source: CFHI & CNVC
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  2010 GHEC Conference on South/South Collaboration Coming in April 2010-02-21
  See Blog post on the 2010 Global Health Education Consortium's Conference in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

This year's conferecne is also the First Latin American - Caribbean Global Health Conference.

Source: Global Health Education Consortium
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  Action, Reflection, and Hopes for Haiti --Blog post by CFHI ED 2010-01-25
  CFHI Executive Director, Steve Schmidbauer, gives a brief description and a bit of the back story of collaborative efforts to get urgently needed medical supplies to Haiti, and adds some personal reflections in this Blog post at GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org.

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  New Blog Post Remembering the Great Asian Tsunami of 2004 2009-12-24
  The anniversary of the Great Asian Tsunami is December 26th. Do you remember where you were on that day in 2004?

The effects of the huge earthquake and resulting tsunami were devastating. Some reports say that about a quarter million people in some eleven countries, lost their lives, almost in an instant. For those who were left, they not only had to deal with the grief and loss but also with their lives and livelihood being forever changed. Many made their living off the sea and now the trauma of this event made it hard for them to comfortably return to their work.

Read more about CFHI's role then and now by following the link to the Bolg.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  CFHI Executive Director Blogs from India along the Ganges 2009-12-11
  Check out the Bolg at globalhealthimmerssionprogrsms.org

Steve Schmidbauer, CFHI's Executive Director blogs about a new partnership with villages in remote areas along the Ganges. This marks an expansion of CFHI's Rural Himalayan Program and more health camps for the people of the region who have little or no access to healthcare. Follow the link below to read more.

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  CFHI South Africa Alum in the News 2009-11-28
  David Liskey was a 2008 CFHI South Africa participant that came to us through our Oregon partner IE3.

David was featured recently in the Oregon State University President’s Report. Read about his experience and “how race, culture and poverty affect health care in a country with one of the highest HIV infection rate in the world.” David participated in an 11 week program with CFHI and received credit from his home institution. From his first-hand experience, he wrote a University Honors College senior thesis. David was perceptive and able to see how culture impacts health. In the president’s report, he reflects, “The different experiences and topics I studied had an effect on how I see the world.”

Source: OSU President's letter
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  Report From the Durban Program 2009-10-18
  CFHI Executive Director continues to blog from South Africa.

This time he finds traditions that span time and cultures as he learns about the Islamic Medical Association of South Africa.

Follow the blog by clicking the link below.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  CFHI Listed in Today’s Edition of USA TODAY as a Trusted Charity 2009-10-13
  For the second time, CFHI made the list of seal holders of the national Better Business Bureau for nonprofits. The list appeared in today’s edition of USA TODAY. The BBB instituted a charity side to their ordinary BBB a few years ago. They took out a full-page ad today to list charities that meet their stringent standards. Part of the aim is to help people know if they can trust a charity when they are thinking about donating. There are 20 standards designed specifically for nonprofits that the BBB website describes briefly by saying, “Organizations that comply with these accountability standards have provided documentation that they meet basic standards: • In how they govern their organization, • In the ways they spend their money, • In the truthfulness of their representations, and • In their willingness to disclose basic information to the public.” The banner across the top of the page sums it up: “START WITH TRUST”. CFHI is proud to be on this list and wishes to acknowledge the hard work of our Staff and Board of Directors in meeting these standards.

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  A View From Inside the Cape Town Program 2009-10-09
  CFHI Executive Director, Steve Schmidbauer, blogs from South Africa.

In Cape Town, he finds that one of the hospitals that is part of the CFHI program, is fighting a growing and menacing epedemic, and it is not HIV/AIDS. Follow the link below to the blog to read a story that exemplifies the grassroots nature of CFHI's programs and the outstanding local healthcare workers that are part of the CFHI global family.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  CFHI Special Project: Equipment for Hospital Civil, Oaxaca, Mexico 2009-09-30
  CFHI is proud to announce the donation of a Macbook computer to one of our partner sites in Oaxaca, Mexico-- the teaching department of Hospital Civil. The donation to the subdireccion de ensenanza department came after the hospital requested this equipment from CFHI as a useful tool in improving operations there.

The computer will serve in many capacities including logging various activities occurring within the department and in managing the coordination of medical residents working at Hospital Civil. CFHI would like to thank the participants of our Global health Education programs as well as support from our donors in making such contributions possible.

Source: CFHI
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  CFHI Develops Role with United Nations 2009-09-26
  CFHI Executive Director, Steve Schmidbauer, blogs about his recent visit to the United Nations on the Global Health Immersion Programs website. CFHI was granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and so this visit was to follow through on establishing the relationships that will allow CFHI to both share news from the UN and WHO with its international partners, and to allow the experiences of the various grassroots healthcare workers who comprise part of the CFHI Global Family to be shared with the world commuity.

Read more about Steve’s experience at the UN in New York on the blog by clicking the link below.

Source: GlobalHealthImmersionPrograms.org
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  Learning From South – South Collaboration, April 2010, Cuernavaca, Mexico 2009-09-24
  Alliances for Global Health Education: Learning from South-South Collaboration, has been announced as the theme for an upcoming conference to be held April 9-11, 2010, in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The joint collaboration represents the 19th annual conference on Global Health Issues for the Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC), based in the United States and the 1st Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Global Health hosted by the Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica (INSP), based in Mexico.

A White Paper and call for abstracts can be found on the GHEC website here.

The Call for Abstracts is through November 1, 2009. All aspects of Global Health are welcome for submission and there is a special request for "progressively-minded projects that take into consideration the ideals of global health that embrace: Social Justice, Ethical Practices, Community Ownership, Equity and Fairness, True Partnership, and Bilateral Exchange."

Source: GHEC, INSP
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  Just What Global Health Needs … Geometry! 2009-09-20
  See Blog Post by CFHI Executive Director, Steve Schmidbauer, as he pulls together some recent happenings on Global Health programs and funding. Steve is seeing some more momentum in the direction of a diagonal approach to funding new initiatives as opposed to more split approaches that tend to be vertical or horizontal.

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  Seeing the Person Not Just the Patient 2009-09-03
  In the current issue of The New Physician, Dr. Jamie S. Hirsch, an internal medicine resident, reflects back on poignant comments in the casual conversation he has with his peers decompressing during a poker game, and what those comments say about their journey through medical education. He is not the first student to worry about becoming jaded in the pursuit of a medical degree and it is refreshing to see someone actually come forward and bravely wrestle with the important issues of professionalism and humanism in medicine.

Dr. Hirsch challenges the “prevailing wisdom” in an effort to piece together the science and the art of medicine, at least as it pertains to the human encounter of interacting with patients. “Recalling our original impetus, we must meld a passion for science and technology with core values of medicine –humanism, caring, and compassion…”

Our hats are off to Dr. Hirsch for this honest and thought provoking perspective. Take a few minutes and treat yourself to a good read and get in touch, once again, with why you wanted to be a health professional in the first place.

Source: The New Physician
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  CFHI Sight for All Progam Open's Student's Eyes 2009-09-01
  CFHI alum, Melanie Mamon, writes on her experience completing the Sight for All Eye Care Rotation in New Delhi.

Melanie wasn’t sure what she was getting herself into at the start but in the end she proclaims, “…without a doubt, I can say it turned out to be a really amazing experience.”

Read Melanie's week-by-week summaries and her reflections on how the program impacted her. “…my time in India was both professionally and personally rewarding. Not only did I gain a vast amount of knowledge about the structure of the eye and the diseases that affect it as well as real world experience in data analysis that will be useful to my public health degree, I also learned that I am more independent than I thought I was, I can adapt to various situations…”

Read on to see that the program has helped Melanie strengthen her commitment to vision care and the big decision between ophthalmology and optometry.

Source: CFHI
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  CFHI Founder On Service Learining Abroad in The Advisor 2009-08-04
  Evaleen Jones, MD, CFHI Founder, President, and Medical Director, writes in the current issue of The Advisor considering questions regarding the surge in recent years of students going abroad.

Dr. Jones offers her thoughts based on 20 years of community-based Global Health education and CFHI’s experience of well over 5,000 health science students having participated in its Global Health Immersion Programs. From forming partnerships internationally, to preparation of students, expectations of outcomes, ethical issues, and guidelines for safety and emergency situations, this is a broad overview of important issues for all Global Health programs with an experiential component.

Reprinted with permission from the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions. The original article appeared in the Advisor, Volume 29, No. 2, June, 2009.

Source: The Advisor
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  From Bolivia to New Jersey -A Student Reflects on her Global Health Immersion Experience 2009-07-02
  Yvonne Chasser, 2008 CFHI alum, reflects on the deeper insights she learned from her experience during the CFHI Pediatric Health Program in La Paz, Bolivia. Writing in the current issue of Global Pulse, the International Health Journal of the American Medical Student Association, one can see that her immersion into the culture and the healthcare system of Bolivia has stayed with her as she now volunteers at a clinic in New Jersey. The Princeton premed student was deeply touched by the compassionate care she witnessed during her time in La Paz.

She writes, “It is my hope that the next generation of doctors brings a more diverse range of approaches to medicine and a passionate, acquired sensitivity targeted to the needs of the changing American population,” as she works to integrate what she learned first hand from Bolivian doctors. She hopes that more avenues for cultural awareness and commuity service will be offered in medical education.

Don’t miss this thought provoking reflection, follow the link below.

Source: Global Pulse
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  Lessons In Global Health From Research and Reality 2009-06-30
  Dr. Julio Frenk, who was Mexico’s Minister of Health from 2000-2006, is interviewed in the current issue of Global Pulse, the International Health Journal of the American Medical Student Association. Dr. Frenk, now the Dean of Harvard’s School of Public Health is interviewed on a wide range of topics from health as a human right, to H1N1 Influenza, to the growing field of Global Health.

The interview also covers his innovation of a national health insurance for Mexico and how he has been successful using research to support ethics and drive the political agenda to garner public support for social change.

Source: Global Pulse
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  Teaching Medicine Without Borders 2009-06-24
  This article by Karen Leggett, in the current issue of International Educator, is now directly available through the link below to the NAFSA website.

For more than a year, Ms. Leggett has explored the globalization of higher education in various disciplines. This article focuses on Medical schools and the growing interest in global health.

Source: International Educator
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  Medical Electives --All 2010 Global Health Electives Now Open for Applications 2009-06-20
  Child Family Health International invites students of the health professions to apply for our 2010 Global Health Immersion Programs. All of our available dates for these unique health electives in Bolivia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, and South Africa, are now open.

In our most recent surveys of returning CFHI alumni, 94% say they would recommend the programs to other students. Some programs have limited space so apply early. We already have quite a number of students registered for our January – May programs. Now all program dates January – December are open for application.

Medical students and students of many disciplines including public health, nursing, physician assistant, pharmacy, dental, and physical therapy, have found CFHI programs to be a very enriching experience.
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  Global Health Should be Measured in Part by Equity 2009-06-16
  WHO Director-General, Margaret Chan, called for greater equity in health to be considered as part of how we measure progress as a global community.

“Greater equity in the health status of populations, within and between countries, should be regarded as a key measure of how we, as a civilized society, are making progress,” Dr. Chan said speaking at UN Headquarters in New York.

Source: World Health Organization
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  A Definition of Global Health 2009-06-10
  Defining global health has been a challenge. This has been especially true in recent years with the increased interest in science, philanthropy, and politics related to global health. In the June 6, 2009 issue of The Lancet, a multidisciplinary and international panel brought together by the Consortium of Universities for Global Health, and led by Jeffrey P. Koplan, MD, has taken a bold step in offering the world a definition.

The article entitled Towards a Comon Definition of Global Health, represents an important step in bringing together the work, "and priorities for action between physicians, researchers, funders, the media, and the general public." A thoughtful process is outlined considering the origins of global health in the areas of public health and international health.

The attempt is to be broad rather than limiting, and emphasizes multidisciplinary approaches and mutuality, as well as equity and collaboration.

Source: The Lancet
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  Living Abroad Gives You A Creative Edge 2009-05-18
  See the article Expats at Work, in the May 14th issue of The Economist. While this study was not done on health science students, it did show that people who not only traveled abroad but actually had lived in a foreign place, have a better capacity for creativity. When given a real-life problem to deal with or the need to negotiate with others, the study revealed that participants who lived abroad or had spent some time living abroad were significantly more successful.

Source: The Economist
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  International Experiences as part of Medical Training Explored in the Current Issue of International Educator 2009-05-11
  The May-June issue of International Educator, the magazine of the Association of International Educators (NAFSA), contains an article by Karen Legget entitled: Teaching Medicine Without Borders. CFHI Executive Director, Steven Schmidbauer, and many others are quoted as Ms Legget traces the movement from "International Health" to "Global Health" and the impact this is having on medical education.

Source: International Educator, May + June 2009
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  President Obama on Global Health 2009-05-05
  Today President Barack Obama issued a statement on global health. "We cannot simply confront individual preventable illnesses in isolation," the president said. He cointinued, "The world is interconnected, and that demands an integrated approach to global health." Follow the link below for the full statement on the White House website.

Source: White House Website
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  CFHI Responds to H1N1 Flu, Offers Program Alternatives 2009-05-03
  As an international organization with Global Health programs abroad, CFHI is continuing to monitor the outbreak of the H1N1 Flu virus in Mexico and other countries. CFHI headquarters in the U.S. maintains regular contact with our international partners and Medical Directors abroad and continues to keep our current and incoming students informed about the latest developments in their program countries.

In light of the cancellation of many Mexico programs, CFHI is accepting last minute applications for those seeking alternative programs, often in Spanish speaking countries such as Ecuador and Bolivia for summer and fall 2009. CFHI is prepared to accommodate special program start dates and offers elective letters and documentation for those requesting academic credit from their schools and universities. For more details, contact the CFHI office.

Source: CFHI
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  CFHI Listed as Trusted Charity by National BBB Wise Giving Alliance in USA Today 2009-04-09
  The National Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance took out a full page in today's USA Today newspapper to list the nonprofits that meet their lsit of 20 rigorous standards. The top of the ad reads "Start With Trust" and then goes on to list charities that can claim the BBB Charity Seal.

CFHI is proud to be among the great company of charities on this list and acknowledges the hard work of our dedicated Staff and the oversight and guidance of our volunteer Board of Directors.

Source: BBB/USA Today
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  CFHI Chosen as a Beneficiary of the First Conscious Relationship Sumit 2009-04-08
  The First Conscious Relationship Sumit was held internationally via teleconference from March 30 through April 3, 2009. The event was organized by the Relationship Coaching Institute(RCI), an international organization that trains helping professionals to work with people to have successful relationships in their careers, with their families, and socially.

CFHI is honored to be one of a handful of charities chosen to benefit from the proceeds of the conference.

Listen to an interview for the conference, conducted by David Steele, MA, LMFT, and Founder of RCI, with CFHI Founder Dr. Evaleen Jones, by clicking the view link to the right.
  Click Here to View  
  CFHI Announces New Effort to Reduce Brain Drain -TrainHealth.org 2009-04-06
  TrainHealth is an initiative of CFHI that helps to address the health care worker shortage in the developing world.

CFHI provides opportunities for health care workers to expand and refine their knowledge, so that they can better serve their own communities.

Additional training and professional development opportunities are well documented to help fight brain drain and increase job satisfaction.

Trainhealth is a direct response to the grassroots requests CFHI has received at their partner sites.
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  CFHI Opens New Program with Focus on Chagas Disease 2009-04-01
  CFHI’s Chagas program in Tarija, Bolivia provides students an opportunity to learn about an infectious disease that is a major cause of death and disability in Latin America, but which is very rarely seen in industrialized countries. Chagas is an endemic disease in Bolivia, with Tarija having one of the highest prevalence rates in the whole country. This disease, usually found only in countries with scarce resources, is not very well known or studied in developed countries, but due to International migration and population shifts, it has recently been detected in areas where it was non-existent.
  Click Here to View  
  CFHI Founder Named Among Women of Influence 2009-03-11
  CFHI’s Founder, President, and Medical Director, Dr. Evaleen Jones, has been named one of Silicon Valley’s Women of Influence for 2009. This honor is bestowed by the San Jose Business Journal and recognizes women who are, “making a difference,” in business, government, and nonprofit sectors. A ceremony for the awards will be held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, California on March 18, 2009. Congratulations Evaleen!

Source: San Jose Business Journal
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  Pharmacy Student's CFHI Program Noted in Casper Star Tribune 2009-03-03
  The Casper Star Tribune features story of University of Wyoming pharmacy student, Shanna O'Connor, on CFHI program. "Now we can keep an HIV patient alive as long as a type 1 or type 2 diabetic, but it involves some drastic lifestyle changes and major drug interactions," she said. "It's a very unique setting for a pharmacist to step into."

Source: Casper Star Tribune
  Click Here to View  
  2010 Program Dates Now Open 2009-03-01
  You can now apply for CFHI programs for January, February March or April 2010. If you apply before July 31st, 2009, you are guaranteed 2009 program fees for your 2010 program!
  Click Here to View  
  CFHI Founder to Speak at Global Health Conference 2009-02-20
  Dr. Evaleen Jones, CFHI Founder, President, and Medical Director, will speak at the 11th Annual International Health Conferecne in the Bay Area. The Conference will be Sunday March 1, 2009, and is hosted this year by Touro University. Dr. Jones will address the Ethics and Ethos of Global Health Education.
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  Dr. Mark Corden Gives Back Again 2009-02-10
  Appropriate training can mean the difference between life and death in a pediatric emergency, yet many health professionals in developing countries lack access to courses and learning materials. In February 2008, Mark Corden, MD traveled to Puerto Escondido, Mexico, where he provided pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) trainings for local healthcare personnel. During his month-long stay in Puerto, he was able to teach 14 PEM classes to about 450 residents and doctors in hospitals throughout Puerto Escondido. He recently returned from Bolivia, where he offered similar PEM trainings at the Hospital del Niño in La Paz as well as to the Sociedad Pediatrica de La Paz (Bolivian Association of Pediatrics).. Over 30 residents and pediatricians benefited from these trainings. This month he is returning to Bolivia to reach more local professionals with this important training and to train trainers. The train-the-trainer model is an example of the type of sustainable community-focused programming that CFHI aims to support.

You can follow his progress on the CFHI page at Change.org
  Click Here to View  
  Newsweek Article Notes Global Expereince of Obama Advisors 2009-01-20
  Many of Obama's advisors have learned or lived abroad according to an article in the January 17 issue of Newsweek.

Source: Newsweek
  Click Here to View  
  CFHI Featured in GreatNonprofit's Great*Guide to Giving and Volunteering 2008-11-24
  CFHI is featured on page 22 of GreatNonprofit's Great*Guide to Giving and Volunteering, Bay Area 2009.  CFHI was chosen for it's strong reviews and average rating of at least 4 stars on the GreatNonprofits website.  To view the online version of the Great*Guide, click below.
  Click Here to View  
  CFHI and UC Davis Mark Their 3rd Year of Collaboration 2008-11-13
  This fall marks the 3rd year of CFHI's collaboration with the UC Davis Chicana/o Studies Program: U.S.-Mexico binational health program.  Read the article about CFHI on page 3 of the Chicano Studies Fall Newsletter by clicking below.
  Click Here to View  
  5th Consecutive 4-star Rating 2008-10-31
  Charity Navigator have awarded CFHI a maximum 4-star rating for overhead and lean efficiency for the fifth consecutive year. Read the letter here.

Source: Charity Navigator web site
  Click Here to View  
  Better Business Bureau Gives CFHI a Clean Bill of Health 2008-10-07
  In the just-released Better Business Bureau (BBB) WISE GIVING GUIDE, CFHI meets the BBB's stringent Standards for Charity Accountability.

The guide has an editorial focus on volunteer work overseas. You can read more about the BBB and its methodology for measuring accountability to donors by clicking on the link below.

  Click Here to View  
  Another Award for Innovative CFHI Health Science Education Project 2008-09-30
  "Teaching Humanism and Cultural Humility Through Global Health Immersion Programs" was awarded an Honorable Mention by the Poster Committee at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2008 annual meeting.

This is the second time the poster has received high praise, earning an award for innovation in the field of health science education at the Global Health Education Consortium's conference in Sacramento, California this April.

The poster was presented by Alexis Armenakis, a CFHI 2003 alumna and MD candidate at the University of California at San Francisco. It
describes CFHI’s pilot curriculum, which is designed to teach humanism and cultural humility through the framework of emotional intelligence to our program students.

  Click Here to View  
  United Nations Special Consultative Status Awarded to CFHI 2008-07-25
  CFHI is delighted and honored to be awarded special consultative status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The specific area of competency CFHI submitted for review to the ECOSOC is in the area of global health education programming.

Special consultative status was awarded on July 22nd as a result of a rigorous two-year application process.
Please click on the link below to read the letter of notification.

  Click Here to View  
  OSU grad gives back 2008-06-14
  Read this feature on Jacob Webster, who traveled to La Paz, Bolivia, earlier this year for a 10-week medical internship with Child Family Health International.
  Click Here to View  
  Panel on Community Health: Delivering, Serving, Engaging, Leading 2008-05-30
  Click on the link to learn the opinions of this esteemed panel, who convened at the 2008 Global Health Council Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. The panel was moderated by CFHI's Executive Director, Steve Schmidbauer.

Source: Global Health Council
  Click Here to View  
  Sahara Project - Albert Einstein Students Fundraiser Update 2008-05-28
  Read the before and after stories by these inspirational students...in their own words.

Source: Albert Einstein College of Medicine students Lillian Wong, Alicia Pittard, Erin Rose Rundquist and everyone at the schools' Global Health club.

Read more about our growing community of CFHI alumni and how they are getting involved and  giving back at home and overseas by clicking the link below.
  Click Here to View  
  CFHI President Honored as Outstanding Leader in Medical Education Field 2008-02-20
  AMSA Honors Evaleen Jones, MD, CFHI's Founder & President

Source: American Medical Students Association (AMSA)

  Click Here to View  
  Cultural Crossroads in Health in Oaxaca, Mexico 2008-02-19
  Rave Reviews for one of CFHI's longest-running programs

Source: CFHI

  Click Here to View  
  Hidden Ethics of Overseas Electives 2007-12-11
  Discussion piece featuring comments from CFHI's Program Director, Rachel True and intern, Alexis Armenakis.

Source: The New Physician
  Click Here to View  
  CFHI president dubbed “healthcare champion” 2007-08-27
  Praise for Dr. Evaleen Jones, CFHI's Founder & President

Source: Lumetra website

  Click Here to View  
  CFHI’s Chair Receives Business Leadership Award 2007-06-25
  CFHI’s Chair Receives Business Leadership Award
Source: MetricStream, Inc.

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  Mountains, Babies and Grasshoppers 2007-06-01
  Mountains, Babies and Grasshoppers: My Experience with Child Family Health International's Cultural Crossroads in Healthcare Program in Oaxaca, Mexico. September 2006 by Cesar D. Favila

Source: Thevoicejournal.com
Volume 9-Issue 1.
  Click Here to View  
  Mark Edward Stinson Global Health Education Fund 2007-03-08
  Mark Edward Stinson Global Health Education Fund

Source: CFHI
  Click Here to View  
  Evaleen Jones, Tom Hall & Jose Arocha in conversation 2007-02-01
  Evaleen Jones, Tom Hall & Jose Arocha in conversation

Source: TAVOS Media Network
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  Donated Supplies Reach Ghana 2007-01-13
  Donated Supplies Reach Ghana

Source: The Spectator

  Click Here to View  
  Evaleen Jones, MD - nominated a "Woman with Heart" 2007-01-11
  CFHI's Founder, Evaleen Jones, MD - nominated a "Woman with Heart"

Source: "O" Magazine

  Click Here to View  
  The Campbell Reporter 2005-10-26
  Out of Africa: Nursing student aids underserved towns.

Source: The Campbell Reporter
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